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EA Recruitment

Behind every successful business and executive is strong administrative support, so it's important to find the 'right fit'. Having been in the EA game for a long time, Carly knows how to spot a brilliant EA in a crowd; one that is best suited to the individual’s or business’ needs and style. 


Our recruitment package includes:

  • creating a clear job description

  • advising suitable hours & salary for the role

  • advertising

  • candidate screening

  • scheduling interviews

  • sitting on interview panel

  • conduct reference checks

  • support with on-boarding

  • a follow-up mentoring session 


Our recruitment package is suitable for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals looking for 1:1 support.

Pricing: our fees are percentage based and are set at 5% of gross annual salary. All costs are exclusive of GST, advertising and travel costs.


'We engaged Carly to assist us with finding an office manager for our growing business. We were specific with our priorities for the right candidate; they had to be a cultural fit first and their experience level came second. Carly understood the brief and provided invaluable feedback through an initial screening of potential candidates. Carly presented 3 quality options to interview. The interview process was well organised and we were able to learn enough about each candidate to make an informed selection. We have employed the right person and they have seamlessly fit into our business. Through engaging Carly we were very pleased with the level of service, her detail and ultimately the outcome.'


Chris Conforth, Harvest Hotels

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