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How to design a business that supports your professional goals and personal ambitions.

So often I work with business owners who have structured their business based on the advice of someone they know or follow. While peer-to-peer advice is valuable in many contexts, I believe that to create a truly sustainable business, your structure should be designed around your professional ambitions, and pressure tested against your life.

  • Does your business environment support your goals?

  • Does your structure remain intact when life throws you a curveball?

One of my favourite sayings is: "history is the best predictor of future behaviour". If something continues to trip you up, it's likely that, despite your best efforts or internal pep-talks, it will continue to do so until your business environment aligns with your professional goals and personal needs.

Before I review the structure of any business, I ask my clients:

  • What is your perfect picture?

  • What are your quarterly or annual goals?

  • What is your 'noise'?

  • What are your non-negotiables?

Their answers tell me:

  • What they aspire to.

  • What success looks like to them.

  • What they're committed to or unable to change.

  • What life looks like outside of the office.

I then work backwards from there. I create an informed structure that is designed to support their success while being the best fit for their personal needs. Policies, procedures and workflows are created from there.

  • Is there something that keeps tripping you up in your business?

  • Do you believe your environment is designed to support your goals?

  • Is your business structure sustainable?

  • Does your business compliment and align with your personal ambitions?

Business should be fun. Every aspect of life induces a little bit of stress from time to time however, if your business isn't designed the way you want it to be, let's fix that. Together. It's exactly what my strategy sessions are designed for.


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