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10 reasons why you need Country to Coast EA.

Strong administration is at the core of many successful organisations. Those that invest and appreciate the true value in what a strong administrative function can do for them, reap the rewards. They understand that their Executive Assistant contributes to their own and the organisation’s success, each and every day.

At Country to Coast EA, our clients reap the rewards each and every day. We are their strategic partner and steady pair of hands.

Are you ready to invest in administrative support that pushes you to be the tall poppy in your industry? Here are 10 reasons why Country to Coast EA is the secret weapon you need to get there.

  • You gain access to senior administrative talent and experience. Our team consists of Executive Assistants with an average of nine years proven experience in government and industry.

  • This experience ensures onboarding is smooth, efficient and effective. We know the right questions to ask, and quickly establish relationships with your key stakeholders.

  • You don’t need to micro-manage us because there isn’t a steep learning curve. We apply critical thinking to your tasks, work autonmously and anticipate your needs.

  • We represent serious value-for-money. We manage all of the overheads and leave you with one monthly retainer. Plus with no office gossip to distract us, you pay for the outcomes we achieve, not any idle chit chat in the staff kitchen.

  • With our wealth of experience and longevity in the industry, we’ve seen almost everything there is. No task is too small, too impossible, too weird, or too big.

  • We bring a “big picture” mindset with us. We know that understanding your or the organisations objectives is key to a successful partnership. Your success is our success.

  • Having worked in privileged positions, we know how to communicate with senior leaders, both internal and external, and are truly discreet. Once it’s in the vault, it stays in the vault.

  • Having a team behind your Executive Assistant means you can spread the risk. If your EA is away, someone else in the business is prepped to step in.

  • We have our own networks, established over many years, that you can tap into. And as you might know, EAs know everyone 😉

  • We integrate ourselves seamlessly into your existing team. We protect and promote you and your organisation as if we are a long-term employee. We use inclusive language and ensure your stakeholders see as one unit, not a sub-contractor.


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