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Is your business inefficient because you're doing less of what you want to?

Is your business inefficient because you're doing less of what you want to? Does this create distraction and make you feel less motivated and overwhelmed?

I was chatting to my physio last week who, in addition to seeing patients, owns and operates a health hub. Her receptionist recently retired, and to minimise overheads, she was spending time relaying phone messages to the practitioners who work in the hub.

I suggested she implement two things:

  1. A virtual receptionist to maximise her time. The hour she spent passing on messages can now be spent seeing two additional clients. Leave the virtual front desk to the VR! It turns out her telecom provider has a VR service available as part of her existing business package. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  2. Clear signage to manage expectations for the occasional drop-ins, who write down their details and await a call back. They can now phone the virtual front desk, speak to the receptionist and have their enquiry shared with the relevant practitioner. PROBLEM SOLVED.

These solutions were quick and simple. They solved key inefficiencies in her business, reduced distractions and bought her up to an hour each day. This is the stuff I'm really good at; creating practical, simple and effective business solutions. A quick brainstorm now saves her up to five hours per week.

So, how can you work out what tasks you don't want or need to do, and maximise your time as the business owner?

Ask yourself:

  1. What is my role in the business? Say this out loud or write it down.

  2. What tasks do I want to do less of?

  3. Did any of these tasks distract me from my role today, last week, last month?

  4. What impact did that distraction have on my business and on my mindset?

  5. Where is my time most valuable? If you were spent more time doing the tasks you want to do, how much more business would you bring in? If my physio spent an hour seeing two clients, rather than relaying messages, she would bring in more business and the VR service has paid for itself. Is that cost saving actually hurting your business in the end?

Once you identify where your time is most valuable and where you want to work in your business, you will see a different pattern of growth.

Supporting business owners to find simple and effective solutions is my jam. And honestly, sometimes (actually, more often than not!) two heads is better than one. If you are finding yourself forever distracted or unable to identify or solve the inefficiencies that you know exist, book a one-hour call with me. 


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