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Achieving executive buy-in for your flexible / remote working week.

While some organisations are very much paving the way with the “new normal” way of working, many others are digging their heels in. However, if you can demonstrate how it can be done successfully, not only will you achieve the all-important ‘buy-in’, you’ll also be championing change in your team, division and organisation.

Follow the steps below to ensure you are prepared for your pitch, have an effective conversation with your executive and manage expectations all round.

Lean on policy.

  • Find the resource, research it, and understand your entitlements and limitations.

Set out your considerations.

  • Understand the preferences, concerns and routines of your executive and the team around you.

  • Understand the impact of your absence and what challenges it might create.

  • Brainstorm possible scenarios and clear solutions.

  • Outline why you want this and the benefits to you.

Frame your request.

  • Start with your intentions and the outcome you are seeking. Also, handy to have your next best outcome in your back pocket.

  • Explain the considerations, solutions and scenarios that you’ve brainstormed.

  • Share with your executive how you plan to make this work. Think about tech, connectedness, as an effective and efficient assistant.

  • Talk to them about the real impact it will have on you.

  • Listen to them. How do they feel? Allow them the space to share.

Agree a way forward.

  • Trial it. Don’t get stuck in an arrangement that doesn’t work – start with a month, then three.

  • Set clear expectations and stick to them.

  • Write it up (whether formally or informally).

  • Set a review date.

  • Discuss the agreement at home. Manage the homefront expectations, explain this is for the common good so you’re not at their beck-and-call when working from home. Stay committed to your agreement and signpost when you can / can’t be disturbed.


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