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Why business owners with big dreams need an assistant.

I often speak to business owners who don’t think they need an assistant to help them in their business. They suggest they should be able to do it all, with a bit more organisation or perhaps at a different time in the year when home life isn’t so demanding. News flash – home life is rarely unrelentless.

If you instead consider outsourcing as investment in the growth of your business (and your mindset 😉) then we instantly change how we weigh up the pros and cons.

Bringing an assistant into your business is an investment that:

· increases your productivity

· expands your reach

· sharpens your offering

· gives you space to scale up

· afford you time-out of the business

While your assistant will of course perform the stock-standard administrative tasks you can imagine, it’s all the tasks you can’t that make the real impact – those immeasurable things that a brilliant assistant has in their toolkit. While we ensure your inbox and schedule are managed, keep you on track, answer emails and action life admin, we also collaborate with you on projects, protect and promote you as the owner, increase your business’s credibility, act as your sounding board, and optimise your time by identifying more non-principal tasks.

Your business with experienced admin by your side is far more likely to gain new business, communicate effectively, have organised processes, and appear polished to anyone who comes in to contact with your business. They say that ‘team work makes the dream work’, and as a business owner with big dreams – you’ll be grateful you invested in outsourcing and allowed the team (and the dream) to grow.

If in 2022, you were starting to dream a little bigger than the year before, invest in support in 2023 and turn your 2am lightbulb moment and frantically written notes into reality with Country to Coast EA. Our 10-hour package is the perfect package to get started and will help you scale up, grow and create the business (and balance) you’ve been dreaming and craving.


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